Thursday, November 21, 2019

Water pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Water pollution - Essay Example Water pollution The thesis will contend that water pollution comprises thermal pollution, industrial effluent and flooding (Agarwal,115). Though, there is solution for the prevention of problems such as making law for the control of water pollution or creating dams to control flooding among others. Industrial influent is the main cause of water pollution, since many factories releases the polluted water into the water bodies like rivers or lakes and pollutes the water in those sources. The water which are discharged from the industries to the water sources contains numerous chemicals such as acids, hydroxides and heavy metals like mercury which are detrimental to the aquatic life and water (Agarwal, 115). If polluted water is taken by human beings it can cause diseases like cancer, disrupt hormone typhoid fever, stomach ache suppression of the hormone system in swimming pool it causes skin rushes Also illegal discharge of the wastes from industries to which contains chemicals kill the nature lives i n lakes and rivers like crab, fish among others. Wastes from industries discharge into the water bodies contaminates water with chemicals and heavy metals like asbestos, petrochemicals and mercury which are very harmful when consumed with human beings or have the negative effects on the aquatic. When oil spills in water, from tankers or from the ships in seas or lakes also causes pollution in lakes and ocean. Since oil does not dissolve in water it forms a thick sludge on the water surface that prevents air circulation thereby causing the death of aquatic.

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